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You know what’s fucking annoying?

Like 70% of the pictures on the One Piece-Tag is Yaoi-Stuff. It’s okay if people post that, I am really okay with it, but I wanna look at gifs and normal pictures of my favorite series, not how LUFFY FUCKS LORENOR WHILE SANJI MASTURBATES ON ACE’S FACE. FUCKING SHIT THIS IS ANNOYING. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. CAN’T YOU LIKE MAKE YOUR OWN TAG LIKE YAOI-PIECE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

/rage mode off

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Ramblings of a Nobody: IGN: Kingdom Hearts Sucks!





I just lost all respect for IGN.

Wow, um… I just posted the link to that… If you take the time to actually read the article, they’re not outright bashing KH. The main purpose of the article was to point out things that…

I DID indeed read the article.  But I still think that it’s big crap.

1. They say the story is “so confused” and stuff, that it’s hard to remember what the point was. Well, if you played all games carefully without taking a dump during a cutscene, I don’t see how it can happen to “forget” what it is about. Yes, they didn’t think of the whole story from the beginning and started making up new things. But, as someone else said in an earlier reblog of mine, it’s the same with Metal Gear Solid. And that story isn’t perfect either. But don’t you dare to say MGS is shit.

2. “that ansem guy and princesses”. To be honest, it sounds to me like someone played maybe the first game and then read the rest of the story on the internet. Because someone who really played the games whould know, that it’s not about Ansem being the evil one, it’s Xehanort who want’s to fuck things up.

3. “Twilight for boys”. Okay, on this one, I’m just raging because I could fucking kill them for comparing Twilight with Kingdom Hearts.

4. “It’s hard to imagine a less engaging main character than Roxas, and then Ventus came along in Birth By Sleep as his less likable doppelganger”

UHUM. EXCUUUUSE ME, PRINCESS. But if you say something like that, BE CORRECT. If anyone is someones else doppelganger, then I guess it’s Roxas. He came from Sora’s heart, and everyone who played BBS knows, that’s where Ventus’ heart resides. SO. YEAH. I hope you get my point.

5. “Pick a normal name”
Um…I don’t see where “Dream Drop Distance” is a bad name. It makes a good pun, I think. It shows that it’s in 3D, on the 3DS. Kingdom Hearts: 3D - Dream Drop Distance. Metal Gear Solid (yes, I am using that example again) used titles such as “Peace Walker”, “Portable Ops”, “Ac!d”… For me, those titles are much more lame. But, that’s just a matter of perspective.

6. “Go to f***ing Kingdom Hearts Already”
This is just wrong. It’s not about “going into Kingdom Hearts”, it about opening it and stuff. And that Halo-thing is just stupid.

Good. I’m done now.
Gotta mention I’m really tired, so please don’t scold me for my bad grammar or something like that.

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I waited for Skyward Sword so long and I did get so excited like I didn’t for any other game since Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Now that I finished the game, I feel so empty. In addition, I’m sooo not satisfied with what the game turned out to be. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Thank god tomorrow Kirby’s Adventure Wii (Or you may know it as Kirby: Return to Dreamland) will be in my mail.

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